As I delved into Ukraine and her cultural traditions and history I wanted to learn that beautiful language of course. By chance I found ULP via pinterest and was impressed by the podcast episodes and how its built up lesson by lesson. It’s a convenient way to learn a foreign language step by step and adding new vocabulary with each lesson. On my first visit to Kyiv I felt confident on my already obtained basic skills in Ukrainian and was even slightly complimented for in a souvenir shop. A good deal I owe huge credit to and of course to Anna. She takes you into this language gradually enhancing new words and grammar. I also appreciate the cultural section at the end of each episode which grants insight in customs or everyday issues in Ukraine. I like this style of teaching because it does not overwhelm you in mere vocab and grammar tables but practical situations. The lesson notes are also clear and understandable. So that’s why you are always able to track the episodes

After returning I resolved to increase my skills in українська мова for my next trip to Kyiv.