Я дуже люблю цей сайт)

I am from near Liverpool in England and I am passionate about learning Ukrainian language. I have completed the Ukrainian Duolingo but still practice every day. The part I find hardest about learning Ukrainian, is listening to spoken Ukrainian. I want to be competent enough where I can comfortably watch television shows in Ukrainian to further my language ability.

Since completing Duolingo I have found it difficult to further my progress without finding the time to sit down and read or watching videos over and over to try and translate. Finding this podcast has been amazing because I can listen to the lessons while I am doing other things or on the move and I feel like it is helping me a lot with being able to understand spoken Ukrainian.

I really like the lesson formats and the cultural information as well as the light hearted humour. I will continue to work through these lessons and keep improving my Ukrainian but I just wanted to leave a message to say дякую and keep up the good work, your lessons are awesome.

Many thanks,