Hello Anna

I am a Jamaican currently living in Florida, USA, and I met my wife, who is from Rivne, through an online dating site. As I write this, I am currently in Kiev on my third two-week visit, and I must say that I love Ukraine. It is such a beautiful country. How could I not want to learn your beautiful language?

The main reason I subscribe to your Premium membership is to receive the lesson notes with the full translation into English of the dialogs and texts. This is absolutely essential for me to be able to learn the language properly. When I listen to the dialogs and narrations, I read along with the English translation. I listen again, reading along in Ukrainian, then listen without reading to see how much I understand. I do this even before I get into your explanations in the lessons. Now that I am a few lessons into season three, I try to read the Ukrainian texts before I listen to the episode.

The main things I like about the podcast are the dialogs. I get to learn the language in context, rather than just learning words and phrases, as other language resources tend to do. I also love the fact that you use multiple persons throughout your lessons. Hearing different native speakers makes the lessons that much more interesting and helps to train my ears to becoming accustomed to the language. I cannot begin to tell you just how beneficial this has been to me when I interact with people here in the cafes, market places, shops and stores. Ooh, the smiles I get when I say a few words or phrases in your native language. People are just so pleasantly surprised.

Another thing that I like is your free introduction at the start of each episode. It is like taking a giant leap forward in my learning. Your revision and consolidation of all the lesson notes of season one into one PDF file was such a welcomed surprise. Now that I am repeating season one, again maybe for the fourth time, it is so much more convenient to have everything in one file rather than having to be closing and opening multiple files on my iPad. I am looking forward to the consolidated lesson notes of seasons two and three.

The goal of my language learning to be able to listen to, read and understand Ukrainian. I also want to achieve a level of speech proficiency whereby I can have conversations freely. However, it is not necessary for me to be able to write Ukrainian. Having a Premium membership helps me to achieve this by providing me with the material I need to practice. I will repeat the seasons and episodes over and over again until I am where I want to be.

I have subscribed and listen to the YouTube channels you have suggested, and when I can understand what they are saying, then I will know that I have achieved my goal.

Thank you so very much for all the work you and your team have done in creating and making these lessons available. Your podcast is by far the best resource I have found for learning Ukrainian. The Premium membership is indeed a worthwhile investment.