Being of Ukrainian ancestry and only having a basic knowledge of the wonderful Ukrainian language is, to be honest, embarrassing.

I studied on Duolingo and that site deserves credit for being a useful introduction to Ukrainian but other courses or study guides are required to get to a higher level.

I currently study Ukrainian at a class at one of the local churches and I subscribed to Anna’s course as well. I find that the material I learn in Anna’s course tends to “stick” for some reason, be it the Anki study cards or the organization of her podcasts and supplemental notes. I get the feeling that the course has a structure to it that builds well.

On a personal note, those of us whose ancestors came to North America one hundred years ago have been blessed and Ukrainians have done well in North America. Ukraine is finally emerging and although not a large financial expenditure, becoming a premium member helps Anna and correspondingly the Ukrainian economy.

Дуже, Дуже Дякую, Тарас

Iryna Podoliak

In 2013, Iryna graduated from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and got a Master's degree in Philology. She specializes in the methodology of teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language. Iryna worked with students from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Poland. She appreciates the opportunity of cultural and worldview interchange during the lessons. Iryna is interested in early learning methods as she has a little son.

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