Привіт, Анна! Добрий день!

I’m so glad that I found your wonderful podcast. I will share a little bit why I am learning your language, Ukrainian language.

Few years ago, I made a bucket list, to be exact that was on 2017. Part of my bucket list was to study languages but it was not realized because I keep on making excuses. And it was refreshed later in December 2018 when I watched a YouTube motivational video all about excuses. Which is really hit me at some point, it is like the video was created for me. I examined myself and sad to say I am not doing something to achieve my goals. So earlier in 2019, I decided to fulfill 4 on my list, one is learning new language. And the first stop is to study Ukrainian language. And I am very happy that I found this podcast.

I would like to thank Anna for this wonderful podcast. Right now I’m still at Season 1 Episode 1-10. I learned so much with these 10 episodes and I am so excited to continue and hopefully I can complete all.

Regards from Republic of the Philippines!