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Start learning Ukrainian, improve your language skills and discover Ukrainian culture with Anna Ohoiko and the weekly Ukrainian Lessons Podcast episodes. 

5 Minute Ukrainian is a podcast from Ukrainian Lessons that is all about conversations. 

Ukrainian Lessons Podcast:

5 Minute Ukrainian

5 Minute Ukrainian is a podcast from Ukrainian Lessons that is all about conversations.
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Our 5-minute lessons include:

In only 5 minutes you will:

Short dialogues

Each episode contains a short dialogue that you will listen to in natural and slow speed.

Essential phrases

Then your host Anna will teach you some essential phrases for that particular situation.

Listening again

At the very end, you will listen to the dialogue again.

Here are some situations
we will cover:

🚕 Talking to an Uber driver in Kyiv

🏦 Opening a bank account in Ukraine

💭 and more...

📦 Picking up a parcel at Nova Poshta

5 Minute Ukrainian episodes:

Meet the Host:

Привіт! Мене звати Анна і я ваша вчителька української 🙂

Hi there! My name is Anna, and I am your Ukrainian teacher 😃

I created the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast to give people all around the world access to learning my language wherever they are – on the way to work, in the car, or on the plane to Ukraine!

I speak six foreign languages, and I have experienced living in different countries. I also dedicated six years of studies and a whole career to my beloved Ukrainian. That is because I strongly believe it is my strength and mission to teach the Ukrainian language and culture to the world by means of digital technology.

Join me and my students in this adventure!

Привіт! Вітаю на сайті!

Мене звати Анна Огойко, я вчитель української мови та розробник освітніх ресурсів. Я створив цей веб-сайт для вивчення української мови, щоб ділитися якісними та корисними уроками української мови онлайн.

Я володію п’ятьма іноземними мовами і багато подорожую. Тож я відчуваю, що моя сила та місія – ділитися українською мовою та культурою зі світом за допомогою цифрових технологій.

Get more with
5 Minute Ukrainian
Premium Membership!

On the first page, you will find full text of the episode’s conversation so that you could practice reading. There are also stress signs above each words which is important to get your Ukrainian pronunciation right.

You can see English translation on the side of the dialogue transcript. Read it to make sure you understood every line right.

Lesson notes also come with a list of phrases that were mentioned in the episode (with stresses and translation). Plus, there are some bonus phrases on the same topic that were not in the main lesson.

Convenient and easy to print exercises will help you to practice words and phrases covered in the episode and even dig a little deeper into the language. The answers to the exercises are included in the next lesson notes – this allows you to review the previous topic before starting a new one.

We love Anki flashcards! Based on spaced repetition technique, this tool has proved to be great for learning and reviewing vocabulary and phrases. That is why, for every ten episodes of the podcast, we prepared a deck of flashcards that you can use in the Anki app (free for most devices, except iPhone and iPad). They also include fun images, word stresses, and audio recorded by your teacher Anna.

5 Minute Ukrainian Premium Plans:

First half of the course
Episodes 1-30
Second half of the course
Episodes 31-60
Full course of 60 lessons
Episodes 1-60
First half
Episodes 1-30
Second half
Episodes 31-60
Full Course
All 60 lessons
First half of the course
Episodes 1-30
Second half of the course
Episodes 31-60
Full course of 60 lessons
Episodes 1-60

Try free Lesson Notes for the first episode of
5 Minute Ukrainian.

Our Happy Listeners

I would recommend everyone to subscribe to the premium membership, it justifies its value 100%… better when you leave your українські friends amazed by your progress in their beautiful language. Hopefully, Anna will one day recreate this course for native Spanish speakers that want to learn Ukrainian 🙂

Luis A. Zapata

I am more of a visual learner so I have more of a challenging time learning solely by audio but I was more than happy to invest in the PDF worksheets which are far cheaper than what I pay for textbooks to learn languages at University. I chose to learn Ukrainian to refresh what I learned as a child and further connect with my Ukrainian heritage and I’d gladly recommend this resource to anyone interested in learning this language.

Lilly F.
United States

A big big THANK YOU from Australia! I have purchased the premium membership and have been enjoying your content immensely. I’ve started to learn your language to show support for my wonderful Ukrainian friend and for your beautiful country with everything that is going on right now. I believe that even as we feel small and weak in the shadows of the looming evil people in this world, we can give strength and power and purpose to the Ukrainian people and culture by keeping the language alive and by spreading the stories of your courage and resilience in your native tongue.

Ashlee Flesser

The main reason that I joined premium membership was to get access to the additional materials. These have proven to be extremely valuable to me. They have additional content and lessons. However, the best part is having the written material so that I can review it at any time. Having visual media helps me learn the language faster. I love the podcasts and the easy way that you present the content. There is probably no way that I would be able to become fluent in Ukrainian without the premium membership.

Andrew Buzinsky

Anna’s podcast series Ukrainianlessons.com is fabulous. It’s incredibly well-thought-out and interesting to use. It’s head and shoulders above any other Ukrainian-language learning resource that I have come across, printed or online. Anna’s approach is warm and encouraging, yet also challenging. Her explanations are clear and her love of her language and country, and her passion for teaching, shine through. Where the series really wins, for me, is through our progressively hearing and being able to understand more and more of the spoken language. I have also benefited greatly by having the transcripts and exercises and flashcards available through the premium materials. The whole package is an extremely rich language-learning resource. Thank you, Anna.

Irena Henderson

I love learning a language, and Anna’s teaching is simply the best! It took finding myself tongue-tied speaking to Ukrainians in Ukraine today to nudge me toward studying my first language. You can find it all here in a most palatable and well-prepared mix ― grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, language functions ― all served up engagingly with a serving of cultural knowledge topping it up like a spoonful of сметана! It doesn’t get any better than this!

The premium materials not only help a student get more serious but cover reading and writing well.

Khrystyna Sikorska
Winnipeg, Canada

I am just thrilled to have come across a language program that is so relatable and user-friendly! My husband is originally from Ukraine and I want to learn the language. I decided to listen to one or two podcasts for interest’s sake, but when Anna speaks on podcasts, it’s as if she’s there in person to teach you. I printed off the free lesson notes and before long decided to purchase all the available seasons! This is such a great tool to have scheduled learning of the Ukrainian language! It will help to make your dreams a reality!

Shavonn Kravets
New Holland, USA

On my first visit to Kyiv, I felt confident about my already obtained basic skills in Ukrainian and was even slightly complimented for in a souvenir shop. A good deal I owe a huge credit to ukrainianlessons.com and of course to Anna. She takes you into this language, gradually enhancing new words and grammar. I also appreciate the cultural section at the end of each episode, which grants insight into customs or everyday issues in Ukraine. I like this style of teaching because it does not overwhelm you with mere vocab and grammar tables but practical situations. The lesson notes are also clear and understandable. So that’s why you are always able to track the episodes.

Wilhelm Fuchs
Chemnitz, Germany

As a fluent speaker of both English and Latvian, the Ukrainian language comes naturally to me. Anna Ohoiko, however, has put so much dedication into this ongoing program that I cannot recommend it enough! Never compelling you to buy her premium membership, she SHOWS you exactly why it truly is worth the money. One cannot learn from hearing a language alone, and the written supplements make solidifying essential words both convenient and worthwhile. Латвия з вами – latvieši ar Jums!

Stefan Bruvelis
Minneapolis, USA

I am 100+ days into learning Ukrainian using another service, but I found them to be relatively light on explaining principles, so I looked for more and found Anna’s service. I signed up, tried it, then loved it and paid for the Premium service. When I got the materials, I was very impressed by the huge amount of detail-oriented effort that must have gone into this, wow.

Tanya Charbury
United States

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two types of materials in Premium Membership: 1) printable PDF Lesson Notes for each podcast episode; 2) Anki decks of digital flashcards with vocabulary from lessons. In Lesson Notes, you will find dialogue transcripts, English translations, vocabulary lists, bonus explanations, and exercises. The content depends on the season of the podcast.

To start, you will need to download the official Anki app on your device. This app is free for most devices (Windows, Mac, Android), however, you have to pay a one-time payment to use it on iOS. After purchasing the premium, you will receive the files that you will open in Anki. We will also send you additional instructions about how to set everything up.

If you are a complete beginner or have some basic knowledge, consider starting with season 1. You can try listening to it here and if the episodes are too easy for you, move on to season 2. If you are already almost fluent in Ukrainian and just need additional practice, we suggest seasons 4 & 5 ― they contain lessons that are 100% in simple slow Ukrainian. 

No, we offer different premium subscriptions for these podcasts. You can check out our premium offer for 5 Minute Ukrainian by this link

You are provided with the details about this product. You also have access to the sample of the book and flashcards. This is a digital product. So, as soon as payment has been made, the customer can download all associated content. For this reason, we do not offer refunds on this product.

You can pay with a credit card in any currency, but the price is in Euros, so some conversion fees are possible at the checkout (depending on your bank conversion rates). Also, the VAT is included in some countries (e.g., in the EU).

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